Count your blessings… name them one by one

There are so many ways God has shown His tenderness toward us. Here is a place to remember them.

*I was carrying our computer. That almost never happened if Scott and I were traveling together.

*On that computer was the picture folders he had taken the time to rescue from a dying computer and which I had put together last spring when I made Josh’s senior slide show. All the pictures we needed were a click and drag away from being assembled for the slideshow.

*I had ordered calendars that Monday that were then in people’s hands within a few days.

*As it dawned on me that the plane was overdue I had people with me who could help me navigate the first few steps of this journey.

*A sweet friend who God chose to send through massage therapy school for me offered to work on me and a friend. Her studio is in her home and her girls were napping. One of us would watch them while the other had their massage. I decided to let Vicki go first. The girls were scheduled to wake up in about 30 mins. I asked the Lord if they could please sleep for another hour instead. Their footsteps could be heard just as I was settling in on the massage table myself. I admit, it’s kinda what I expected.

*As we headed toward a gathering of friends from out of town, the boys and I were feeling a bit overwhelmed at seeing so many people. En route to the gathering spot we sustained a flat tire and then once under way in another vehicle, there was a tanker truck that had rolled of the highway and cars were inching through. It was fun to smirk and talk about who had prayed about not going that night. We still had almost 2 hours with people and it really was good to be with them. I just loved that we were assuming God would say yes to our requests.

*God provided for both our pastor, Brian, from Texas and our friend, Danny from Colorado to be part of leading the celebration of life service in Anchorage.

*Chapman had a bag of HEB jam (one of our favorite Texas treats). He was planning on mailing to us but hadn’t gotten around to it and got to bring it to us himself.

*There were people smart enough to figure out how to stream the Anchorage service so loved ones far away could be present with us.

*Scott had taken the time to order printer toner and paper. I had no idea where to get them and they showed up in the mail.

*In November Scott and Zach had finished rerouting the furnace ductwork that runs through the garage to make it run more efficiently.

*We had been gifted the funds to purchase a new, small chainsaw. Scott had taken the time to get it ordered. It was picked up while we were in Anchorage. It’s just the right size for me and I’ve been using it!

*People have been generous with helping us get wood, both just dropping it off and letting us tag along to work on getting our own.

*Scott taught me how to run most of the systems in our house. I have changed the furnace filter, helped fix the dishwasher, cleaned the woodstove. Now to figure out about changing the water filter…

*The presumptive death trial to prove their deaths and apply for the death certificates went smoothly, though painfully. We had a kind judge and a unanimous jury.

*The winter has been cold and beautiful providing so many opportunities to be outside.

*Josh and Sam are getting out and about this winter and having their own adventures.

*Nerts with friends.

*Our Christmas tree is still up in March and that’s okay.

*Seeing first hand a glimpse of how many people love us and are praying for us as we visited College Station the end of March.

*Provision to take Sam to see Montana State University (MSU) and new friends to help him start to connect.


7 thoughts on “Count your blessings… name them one by one

  1. Julie, my name is LuAnn Dotzour. I am a part of the Barnabas Class at Grace. I know so many of your friends, but never had the privilege of personally meeting you. But, I want you to know I’ve been praying for you and I so appreciate you being willing to share your journey with us. Since Debra Welch shared this I want to follow you, so I hope you don’t mind. We continue to lift you and Josh and Sam up before the Lord.


  2. One of my favorite things about you is the way you are always take time to be thankful. Thank you for recording your thoughts and blessings.


  3. As pa says in Little House on the Prairie, “There’s no great loss without some gain.” We are blessed that you have taken the time to list some of the gains amidst your great loss here. May God further bless you with small or big gains with each new day.


  4. My husband was killed in a car accident Jan 6, 2015. I still feel the intense pain of his death to this day. A friend shared your blog with me, calling it ‘raw’. i thought, finally, someone who will not sugar coat her very real pain. I have just read this one entry, and I am already nodding my head in agreement and crying at the realization that I am not alone in what I am feeling. Thank you, thank you for putting your thoughts into this blog and sharing it with all of the rest of us.


    1. Kathy, I am so sorry for your loss! I marvel at how this journey can be so intensely personal and some things so universal all at the same time. I pray you see God meeting your needs today in delightful ways.

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  5. I am so sorry for your loss. I want to thank you so much for sharing your journey and your faith. I lost my 19 y/o son 6/28/13 and literally tried to ignore my loss for the past 4 years. In May of this year I finally decided to “live” again. I have felt a tremendous amount of peace within as I read your blog and passages from the Bible. I look forward to following along and hope that one day I will be able to help another person through the difficult grief process. I really don’t see how it is possible to move on without turning to God for direction and meaning.


    1. Tara, I am so sorry for your loss! 6/28 is Zach’s birthday so it is a special day for me too. Praying for your heart as you bring your pain to Jesus and thankful He knows how to meet you there.


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