I give You my heart 

Giving my heart to Jesus is not a new concept or a new phrase, but today it ceratinly has new meaning… context…gravity.

When I’ve pictured giving my heart to Jesus before it has been a vision of a healthy heart, maybe even a bit of a cleaned up, cartoon version. Either way, it was whole and it worked. 

Today? Today I’m on my knees. I see my heart in my hands and it looks bloody and beat up. I’m not even sure it works any more. It sure can’t do much. I think some pieces are missing. I’m not sure what Jesus would even want to do with a heart like that.

But it’s all I have. The widow’s mite. Given in gratitude that God can use something so small to accomplish His purposes. Another miracle. Another example of this upside down kingdom. When I have nothing, and I finally realize it, that’s when He sees fit to meet me, the show His tenderness in ways I never knew. 

8 thoughts on “I give You my heart 

  1. The depths of your faith in Jesus go deeper as you walk through grief. Though not the way we would choose, the Lord uses our pain, in C. S. Lewis’ phrase, “a severe mercy,” to draw us closer to Himself. Thank you for your transparent grief walk.


  2. You continue to bless all of us who have yet to experience only a small fraction of your trials. Thank you Julie ❤️❤️❤️


  3. What does he want, indeed! He values, protects, and strengthens our heart. Not in order that we can do without him, but rather so we can walk with him always.

    I’m grateful for your ability to articulate your experiences on this path and also for your generosity to share it with us. Much love to you; I continue to pray for you all.


  4. Julie,
    I am not sure you remember me but I have prayed for you and have been deeply encouraged by who you are in Christ in your darkest hour. We are so deeply sorry. Stuart appreciated Scott and we felt like we knew you all even better thru Jim and Jenny Roselius. I am also best of friends with Corinne Rollins and know that you have had a great impact on Brady.
    With love and continued prayer,
    Carol and Stuart Dodds
    1 Peter 5:10-11


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