The joy of a good surprise

I had the opportunity to travel to surprise Sam for his 18th birthday. I talked to him in the morning to acknowledge this milestone birthday and told him I’d love to hear from him after the evening’s game. 

I grinned to myself as I laid the groundwork for a great surprise. 

Thanks to the generosity of Glen Sr. a few hours later I boarded a plane and headed to a village I’d never been to. 

I walked into the gym and began to scan the stands for the birthday boy. My eyes found him and I saw he was locked in, watching the action on the basketball court. I waved off a student who jumped up to give me a hug and got myself all the way up in the stands, put my hands on his shoulders and his face right in front of mind. 

I wish you could have seen the look on his face. 

Oh how grateful I am for the chance to just be with him. To sit in the stands together. To feel the absence of Scott on the bench coaching and Kaitlyn with her team cheering. To bring the Blom family tradition of cinnamon rolls to share with the team. To sing happy birthday mostly off key with his teammates on his 18th birthday. 

Together was certainly better than apart. 

And there were those twinges…
A book at the library about mothers and daughters.

Seeing the pictures of friends at marriage conferences or on dates.

Seeing Kaitlyn’s shoes on a friend’s feet, though I’m so glad she’s using them and remembering.

Watching boys’ basketball with Scott not on the bench coaching.

Watching girls’ basketball with the hole of my spunky girl with a curly pony tail.

Watching junior high basketball wishing I could see Zach improving with each game.

Wearing Kaitlyn’s pants.

The mention of 13 year old boys.

Realizing I can’t text Scott to tell him how the game is going or fill him in on a day’s events. 

And I’ll take the joy and the sorrow all wrapped up together because that’s how it comes. I wouldn’t want to miss the joy just because I was afraid there might be tears with it. 

4 thoughts on “The joy of a good surprise

  1. Love you Julie. Great surprise. Those boys are worth all the joy and surprises you can give. It encourages me you can share through your grief. God is good and faithful, unchanging, persistently loving you. I praise God for you.


  2. What a great surprise and yet thank you for sharing the hard in it too. That last line is beautiful and I will remind myself of those words in times of struggle.


  3. The joy and the sorrow – they seem to go hand in hand. I appreciate your posts and your faith. Keep on keeping on.


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